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Surgical Services

Pine Cone Pet Hospital has specialized equipment and training for more advanced orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries. Dr. Brown is trained and is Slocum Certified for the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy - TPLO. The TPLO is one of the highest recommended procedures to repair a cranial cruciate ligament rupture in your dog. Surgery like many parts of veterinary medicine are not the same from clinic to clinic, and practice to practice. We "Make Lives Better" and that is the fundamental decision maker in everything we do. When choosing anesthetic medications, monitoring systems, pain control and pre-anesthetic blood work we choose the smartest, safest and best options for your pet. When your pet has surgery, it receives a physical exam, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, IV catheter and fluids, constant blood pressure and ECG monitoring, sterile instruments. When you see your pet in the surgery ward it looks like you are having surgery. We choose our premedication and anesthetic drugs based on all the preoperative information that we have available. Each anesthetic plan and protocol is tailored to the patient. We have the ability to use BOTH Isoflurane and Sevoflurane, just like every University Teaching Hospital and surgical referral center does. We want the ability to choose the safest, highest quality, yet cost effective anesthetic plan available for your precious family member.