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Pain Management and Control

We now know that animals experience pain in much the same way as people. We use our knowledge of pain medication and pain relief strategies to prevent and manage pain in pets, both before and after surgery and in the event of an injury or infection. We can also ease pain caused by chronic disease, such as arthritis.

Animals instinctively hide pain and discomfort because they do not want to show any weakness outwardly. We frequently have animals that come to our Veterinary clinic that have an abscessed tooth and the owners had no idea.  The signs of pain can be very subtle and hard to detect.

We have many options to help your pet be more comfortable whether it be an acute disease process or a chronic disease that needs attention.  Many human medications for pain are extremely dangerous to give to our dogs and cats.  Our pets metabolize medications differently, sometimes faster, sometimes slower than we do.  Human over the counter medications can cause a life-threatening reaction that sometimes needs immediate attention.  Please call us before administering any medication to your pet. Even if it was prescribed to one of your other pets.  We only have the best interest of your family in mind and are striving to “make lives better”

Ask us about our pain management options and plans, which we will tailor to your pet’s medical condition and individual needs.

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