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    Does this “Carrier” have more energy than China’s new Aircraft Carrier?

    Nov 28 2012

    Which Carrier has more energy?  We know which one is more fun! China’s new Aircraft Carrier. Photo: One of Pine Cone Pet Hospital’s many carriers. You decide which has…

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    Must see before and after Photos! TECA.

    Nov 15 2012

    Total Ear Canal Ablation or TECA is a surgical procedure that is reserved for end stage ear disease.  This surgery is quite technical and there are not many veterinarians that…

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    Double Trouble! Cute Puppies

    Nov 09 2012

    Look at this dynamic duo!  Dr. Brown wanted to wrestle with these cute puppies, but sadly had too much to do.  Since this picture they have grown quite a bit,…

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    Steel has entered the building!

    Nov 07 2012

    Welcome to Steel!.  This cute puppy could have found a home with any one of our staff, but luckily he has a great home.

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    Meet Matty!

    Sep 04 2012

    Meet Matty!! She is a 6 month old Havanese puppy.  During her veterinary visit she was very brave.

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    Sartell Veterinarian was on-site at the Scheels Hunting Expo.

    Aug 20 2012

    Sartell’s Pine Cone Pet Hospital was the on-site first aid veterinarian for the St. Cloud Scheels hunting expo this year.  Many amature and some professional dogs competed in the Super…

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    Meet Dougie!

    Aug 14 2012

    Meet Dougie!! He’s a very cute 20 week old kitten 🙂  This Kitten has a lot of spunk.

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    Hello Gabby!

    Aug 10 2012

    This is Gabby! She is an adorable Labrador Retriever mix that now has a very good home.

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    Dental Therapy Before and After

    Aug 08 2012

    Dental cleanings are a very important part of the overall health and maintenance of your pet.  Here are some great before and after pictures. We are proud to offer the…

  • SC Times Article: Sartell Business of the Year

    Aug 07 2012

    SARTELL — When Dr. Bea Winkler opened Pine Cone Pet Hospital in 2001, the staff consisted of herself, one veterinary technician, an office manager and a receptionist. Ten years later,…