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Flea Control

Fleas are a big problem in the St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, and Sartell area in the summer months.  Modern medications have made control of these parasites much easier than in years past.  Thankfully our cold/dry winter climate kills fleas and breaks much of the lifecycle so the majority of our problems with fleas are in the summer months.

A flea problem on your pet means a flea problem in your home. Understanding the flea life cycle and methods for its control can be a daunting task. We will gladly assist you in this process. We can provide you with safe, effective flea prevention and if necessary, flea treatment. See the flea article in the Pet Health Library of our site.

You may have heard of “Flea Bombs”.  Thankfully they are a thing of the past.  No longer do we have to map your home for strategic placement of the fumigant, and leave the home overnight.  Now we have an aerosol can that will free your home of all the life stages of the flea.  There are several tips that our veterinarians will help you with during your pets consultation appointment.  Please call for an appointment with our doctors if you suspect that your dog or cat has fleas.

Adult fleas are dark brown/tan and are visible with the naked eye.  Grab them fast because they are amazing jumpers!


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