Draco’s TPLO story- Testimonial

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My cane corso mastiff Draco was limping on him left hind leg. I took him to see Dr. Brown as their hours worked with my schedule. All the staff was friendly, kind and cared about Draco. Their kindness made the stressful time a little more bareable.
Draco had torn a ligament in his knee! He needed TPLO surgery!! I’m so glad I took him to DR. Brown. He was knowledgeable and took the time to explain things AND it turned out Dr. Brown was certified to do this special surgery!! I did check with other vets in the area price wise they were similar to Pine Cone Pet hospital. It turns out, NOT all vets are certified to do the surgery but still perform it due to experience. I didn’t want to risk such an expensive procedure failing on Draco all because a vet wasn’t certified but had experience. People wouldn’t go to any surgeon they would go to a specialist or orthopedic surgeon. I’m sooooo glad I went with Dr. Brown! He took care of Draco and I. He was honest and told me the risks and made sure I was well informed. They had a detailed rehab program for me to follow to increase the success rate of the surgery. 4 months after the surgery Draco is as good as new! He is happy and healthy! I want to thank the staff and Dr. Brown for saving my Draco!

Danielle Graves



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